When Covid-19 hit, many office workers had to work from home. The challenge to create a daily professional working space in the home was difficult. Perhaps now you’ve been working from home for over a year and discovered you really like it! But if your workspace still consists of the kitchen table or a fold-up table shoved in the corner, it’s time to commit and turn a spare bedroom into your dream office. Here is what you need to create a real home office that will make working from home both comfortable and functional.

Some homes include a bonus room in the floorplan, which the builder expected to be used as a study or home office. But if all you have to spare is a bedroom, it makes an excellent home office. Bedrooms are usually away from the main traffic areas of the home and can function well as a secluded place to work. Remember that re-outfitting a bedroom into an office does not have to be a permanent commitment. If the need arises to use it as a bedroom again, you can easily undo the simple changes below.

After clearing out unneeded pieces of furniture, the first suggestion is to paint the room a new color. Select a color that will create both a calm and positive atmosphere, such as shades of off-white, blue, or light grey. Purchase sample cans of paint from the hardware store and apply swatches on the walls until you know the color you want. Being surrounded by your favorite color every day can help generate a cheerful mood to make your workday pleasant.

While a beautiful room can make for more productive work, nothing will get done without the right furniture and equipment. A fold-up table might have sufficed until now, but a proper desk and comfortable office chair make the workday much more bearable. An office desk with adequate workspace, a keyboard tray at correct typing height, and a computer monitor set at eye level will eliminate both physical pain and mental frustration. A swiveling padded office chair with lumbar support will keep your body feeling great if you sit for long hours in front of a computer. These items are less expensive than you might expect and well worth the investment. You don’t have to outfit your home office with large and costly executive furniture. A modest-size desk can provide the workspace you need while leaving room for other furniture pieces, such as a guest chair or sofa, to relax and meet with others. Consider shopping in consignment or second-hand stores to find specific furniture pieces that suit your style, needs, and budget.

Other furniture you may consider adding are storage or filing cabinets. These pieces allow you to store client files, office supplies, and other items out of sight. Cabinets come in various styles, so you can choose one that looks more like home furniture than the standard commercial office style. Storage furniture with solid doors keeps your office looking tidy and makes it easy to tuck away items out of view. If you often participate in video conference calls, arrange the furniture in such a way as to reduce clutter and visual distraction behind you. For example, you could place the desk facing away from a wall to provide a blank background behind you that’s perfect for video calls.

As you assemble your computer equipment, remember to include a small desktop printer if you sometimes need to print small jobs immediately. Purchase a supply of items you use daily, such as paper, notepads, pens, stapler, etc. Plug computers, routers, and related equipment into electrical strips or battery backup units with surge protection instead of directly into the wall outlets. Depending on the strength of your internet, you may need an access point in the office to boost the wireless reception. Replace light bulbs in lamps and overhead lights with soft yellow or white light to reduce eye strain and create a warm atmosphere in the room.

As you put the final touches on your new home office, remember to decorate the walls. Creating a mix of professional and personal items is a fun and comforting way to blend work and home. At the end of the workday, close the office door when you walk out as a physical reminder that the workday is over.

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