Building your custom dream home is one of the biggest, most exciting decisions you can make. The great thing is that you can select every detail yourself. The downside is the range of challenges you face throughout the process could lead to errors. Let’s take a look at 3 of these mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Rushing the Design Process 

You have to make hundreds of decisions in the home design process, both significant and trivial. And in many cases, one decision affects another. This can be overwhelming! It can be tempting to rush the process and select the first plan and options that your builder or architects show you. But don’t be rushed! Take the time to review every detail. Maybe there are things you want to change or other alternatives you want to research. This should be an exciting time for you to explore and select floor plans, materials, and fixtures that you want. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the design process:

Room Placement

Think through your weekly routine, and how your room placement would best suit you. For example, if your bedrooms are on the second floor, you might want a laundry room upstairs as well so you aren’t hauling laundry up and down stairs. Do you want your primary bedroom away from the busiest areas of the house? Should the kitchen be close to the garage? Does a formal dining room suit you, or would you prefer the kitchen to flow into a family eating area? Do you want to see the sunrise or the sunset from your bedroom? Room location is key! Let us work with you to develop the best floor plan for you.

Storage Space

Maybe your current primary bathroom has limited storage, or your home just doesn’t have enough closet space, or no walk-in pantry in the kitchen. Think through what you don’t have now, and what you definitely want to have in your new home.

Taking extra time during the design phase can prevent delays to your project and keep costs from skyrocketing late in the building stage due to last-minute changes.

2. Spending Money on the Wrong Things

It’s easy to be dazzled by fancy lighting fixtures or elegant kitchen faucets, and not want to spend the money on energy-efficient windows or high-quality shingles for your roof—especially when the budget is limited. Faucets and lighting fixtures can easily be upgraded later, and you won’t likely need to replace quality windows for many years. And window or roof replacement is costly! 

Think through the various elements of your home and decide where you want to splurge and where you want to save. Do you need a modern $1500 toilet, or will a $500 toilet do the job? Certain details can add a feeling of luxury or modernity without breaking the bank. Determining what is most important to you and finding the balance for the budget are the key.

3. Choosing the Wrong Home Builder

Choosing the wrong home builder is the biggest mistake you can make. It can lead to all sorts of problems with your custom home build. Compare home builders by looking at their websites and portfolios. See if their style matches yours. Read reviews and talk to past clients to discover your builder’s reputation. Verify they are licensed and insured to avoid legal and safety issues. Determine if they are easy to communicate with because they will be in charge of the entire project. Ask questions and figure out if this is the right home builder for you.

Building Your Home with Turnkey Homes LLC

If you are looking to build a new home and want to avoid these common mistakes, we’d love to talk with you. At Turnkey Homes, we can walk you through the design process and build a custom home that will meet your needs and budget. Do you want to update your current home? We can remodel your existing home as well.

Turnkey Homes, LLC is an experienced home builder in Wisconsin and is ready to talk with you about building your next home or remodeling the house you currently own. Review our portfolio and then give us a call to schedule a meeting. Building custom homes and spec homes is our focus, as well as remodeling. Whether you are looking to build a new Wisconsin home or remodel the one you own, Turnkey Homes can help.