We hope you enjoyed the 2023 holidays in your custom-built home by Turnkey Homes, LLC! If you are not currently residing in a Turnkey home, 2024 could be your year to move in. If you love the house in which you are currently living but desire some changes, Turnkey Homes is ready to take on all your renovation projects.

We always love celebrating the New Year! It’s a great time to reflect on how far we have come over the past year and look forward to more good things to come. As you put away the holiday decorations and reflect on 2023, here are a few ideas to help you close out last year and create a positive outlook for the New Year.

Packing Up the Decorations

Before you remove your outdoor holiday lights and decorations, take a moment to appreciate the work you put into creating this piece of art on the outside of your home. Grab your smartphone and snap a few pictures, especially if you want to recreate the same design next December. If you feel that your house or lawn could have used a few more items to complete the design, snatch up some great bargains at the post-Christmas sales. When you are at the store, pull up the photos you took to determine how the new items you might buy will fit in with the decorations you used this year.

Have you noticed that decorations never seem to fit back into the boxes in which they were purchased? While you are at those after-Christmas sales, pick up an assortment of durable, plastic containers and products made specifically for storing holiday decorations and lights. Plastic extension cord wrappers are an excellent tool to wrap the light strands around to keep them tidy and prevent tangling. Pick up some bubble wrap to use when storing away breakable items. 

Giving Thanks for 2023

Although Thanksgiving has passed, being thankful never goes out of style. Take a moment and reflect on all the good things that happened in 2023 and use those thoughts as positive motivation for the New Year. You could even make this your own special moment by curling up by the fireplace in your Turnkey home with your favorite hot beverage.

If you want to include the family, here’s a fun way to review moments of 2023 to be thankful for as you put away the holiday decorations. For each ornament and decoration you take down and put away, say out loud one good thing that has happened in 2023. Write down each one that is said and post the list on the refrigerator during January as a reminder of all the wonderful things that can happen in a year.

Freshen Up the Home

January days in Southeastern Wisconsin can sometimes be cold and dreary. Bring some color and joy into the house by picking up some flowers or a potted plant on your next trip to the store. Consider rearranging some of the inside décor and furniture or adding some new artwork to freshen up the interior design of your home. Just changing up a few items inside can bring some new excitement and interest to your home.

Turnkey Homes LLC

We wish you a very Happy New Year! We hope you found some of these ideas helpful. Check out our blog for helpful articles posted each month.

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