A quick and easy way to add curb appeal to your home is a fresh coat of paint. A new paint job will also protect your home against weather damage from humidity, rain, and harsh Wisconsin winters. Painting the inside of a home is relatively simple. It can be done any time of year since it is under controlled conditions. But painting a home’s exterior is a more significant undertaking that requires the right weather conditions and quality workmanship to achieve a professional look with long-lasting results. Most exterior paint requires an outdoor temperature of at least 50 degrees to produce the best results when it is applied. That makes summer the best time for exterior painting in Wisconsin, so schedule this project from late June to early September.

Prep for Painting

Before painting, some prep work needs to be done to the home so that your new paint job lasts. Use a power washer to clean off dirt and remove peeling paint to create a clean surface for the new paint application. Use caulk to patch cracks in stucco and to fill in cracks and seams around siding, trim, windows, doors, and other areas.  

Look for rotted or damaged wood and replace these sections before painting. Now is the time to investigate for any ongoing water damage issues or pest infestation that could be causing wood damage. Those issues should be resolved before painting, such as repairing a water leak or drainage issue and treating for pest control.

Next, protect the areas that will not be painted. Cover windows with plastic sheeting or window film. Apply painter’s tape around light fixtures, doorknobs, or anything else you want to keep from getting paint on. Use drop cloths along the ground to protect gardens, patios, and other hardscaping. Finally, apply a primer as the base coat for a smoother finish.

Color Choices

Even before you have done all the hard work listed above, the most difficult job may be selecting the paint color. You will need to pick the primary color and an accent color for the doors, shutters, and trim. Look at other homes in your neighborhood to get ideas and inspiration and see what colors and shades impress you. Consider what colors would best complement the style and structure of your home. Visit a home improvement store to collect color swatches and then view them against the exterior wall of your house in the outside daylight. When you have narrowed down your choices to approximately five colors, purchase sample-size paint cans along with a few brushes. Paint a small swatch of each color choice side by side onto the house to compare colors.

Finally, remember that you are not stuck with your color choice. If you do not love the color after painting one side of the house, it is acceptable to stop. It is not too late to change your mind and go with another color. Otherwise, you may have to look every day at a color you regret choosing. Ask the paint store if they will exchange unopened paint if you decide to change colors.

Paint it Yourself vs. Hire A Professional

Depending on the size of your home and the detail work involved in accents such as doors, windows, and eves, you may not have the time, physical ability, or skills. Climbing up and down a ladder is both labor-intensive and dangerous. Professionals have the equipment and experience to do a proper paint job that will last for years. When the best choice is to call a professional, Turnkey Homes can help point you in the right direction. Call us at (920) 470-4315 or contact us through our website at turnkeyhomesllc.com/contact-us.