Bathroom remodeling in Appleton, WI

Bathroom Remodeling in Appleton, WI – which contractor is the best and what kind of value does it add to your home?

If there is a line forming outside the bathroom door every morning, it might be time to consider installing another bathroom. You may not have even considered this a possibility, assuming the number of bathrooms in the home when you bought it is just the way it will always be. However, installing another bathroom in a home is a real possibility!


Look at Your Floorplan and Get Creative

If your home has what appears to be an unusable space, or perhaps an underutilized space, that may be the ideal location to install a bathroom. Take a walk through your home and consider spaces such as a walk-in closet, a pantry, laundry room, under a staircase, or the basement. Today’s innovative construction options showing up in trendy “tiny homes” allow small spaces to be converted like never before. If you are already adding an extension onto the home, such as a den, office, or extra bedroom, it would be worth considering adding a new bathroom as well.


Items to Consider Before You Begin Bathroom Remodeling

First, consider the primary purpose of the bathroom addition. It may be to support a growing family’s needs or an investment in the home’s resale value. Bathroom remodeling in Appleton, WI can be as small as a half-bath (with only a toilet and sink), up to a grand luxury master suite complete with a spa tub, separate shower, and enclosed toilet room. Discuss the project with a contractor whose experience and knowledge in bathroom construction will give you an accurate analysis of the project’s cost and scope.

Second, the layout and location of existing plumbing will determine the cost and complexity of the project. It’s best to place your new bathroom near existing plumbing. You should determine the configuration of the existing lines. Homes that have crawlspaces and basements allow easier access to run new plumbing lines. The closer the new room is to existing lines, and the ease of adding plumbing pipes to reach them, the less it will cost. Otherwise, this portion of the expenses will dominate the budget, leaving less for the inside finished work.


The Real Payoff

Less time spent waiting in line for the bathroom, in your own home nonetheless, will be the immediate value of the new addition. So definitely build it and enjoy its benefits now. But when it is time to sell, adding another bathroom definitely pays off. According to numbers published on for cost vs. value, you can recoup over 50% of the cost of adding a bathroom, regardless of whether it is a mid-range or upscale design. The number of bathrooms in a home is critical to some buyers who must have a master, a full-bath family bathroom, and a half bathroom for guests. Ensuring the bathroom is done with quality workmanship will guarantee that you will get your money back because the house will sell.


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