April is National Decorating Month! Started in 1968, this observatory event gives homeowners an excuse to revamp their homes. Whether it’s with a fresh coat of paint, updated flooring, or adding a new piece of furniture, redecorating promises to breathe new life into your house. The possibilities are endless! With these tips from Turnkey Homes, your home is guaranteed to be your sanctuary. 

How To Observe National Decorating Month

For most homeowners, April means spring cleaning. While you’re busy organizing, decluttering and sanitizing, why not rethink your decor? 

Precise Focus

Concentrate your efforts on one area at a time. Taking on multiple projects at once can quickly become overwhelming and take the joy out of redecorating. Experts say that even choosing an entire room at a time can feel intimidating. Instead, they suggest picking a small nook or focal point of a room and starting there. If your ultimate goal is to complete the whole room, slowly branch out from your designated area. 

Personalized Personality

Your home is your oasis. The decor should reflect your personality and compliment your lifestyle. Incorporate meaningful, personal furnishings with new, fashionable pieces. Consider bringing in a family heirloom from storage or hanging new family photos. Whether quirky or vintage, items like these act as fantastic conversation starters. 

Comfortably Uncomfortable

More important than the physical aesthetic, your home decor needs to make you feel comfortable. Think of your home as a stress-free escape from the rest of the world. What does that feel like to you? Maybe it’s an oversized chair strategically placed near a bookshelf. Or it could be a new fabric for your drapes that brighten the entire space. Every homeowner feels comfortable differently. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone by adding a splash of color you normally wouldn’t use. Experiment with bold patterns – even if it’s only on a small throw pillow. 

Outdoor Living Space

April weather presents a perfect opportunity to prepare your outdoor living space. Think of your yard as an extension of your home. Start by adding or updating entertainment areas like patios or porches. Add extra seating, install an outdoor kitchen, or if you’d like to make small changes, swap out your weathered cushions or restain the deck. Minor upgrades breathe new life into the outdoors.

Color Me Happy 

Spring is the season of rebirth from blooming flowers to longer days of sunshine. Take advantage of the blossoming flowers by adding them to your interior design. Bursts of color throughout your home makes everything feel light and bright. This is achieved with other items too – curtains, afghans, and paintings to name a few. Get to know the meaning of colors and the feelings they envoke. Use relaxing colors in your bedroom and bathroom and vivid colors to stimulate your appetite in dining rooms and kitchens. 

Turnkey Homes

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