Pros of building one-story and two-story homes

There are multiple advantages to building both a two-story or one-story home. It’s important to consider your lifestyle, family size (and future growth) and economical aspects when making the decision. At Turnkey Homes, we want to build a custom home that will perfectly fit your needs both now and for years to come. We’ve put together a list of the pros of building one-story and two-story homes.

One-Story Pros:

  • One-story homes limit the risk of stair falls. This is beneficial for families with young children, the elderly, or anyone that has mobility issues.
  • This layout allows for easier evacuation in case of fire or other emergencies.
  • There is less overhead noise in a ranch style home. You will never have to hear footsteps above you.
  • Single story homes allow you more leeway when choosing the height of your ceiling and makes it easier to add cathedral ceilings or skylights later on.
  • Exterior home maintenance is easier. Cleaning gutters, painting, and working on the roof can be much more difficult in a two-story home.
  • There is also no lugging the vacuum or carrying baskets of laundry up and down stairs with a single story home.
  • You’ll have more square footage if you ditch the staircase. They can cause to you lose 100 square feet; that’s the size of a den or small bedroom.

Two-Story Pros:

  • The cost per square foot can be significantly less in a two-story home. There is less foundation to pour and a smaller roof. Plumbing and electrical wiring costs will be lower as there is a smaller distance to run pipes and wiring.
  • You will have more usable yard space with more square footage, with extra space available for porches and decks.
  • Two-story homes tend to be more energy efficient as there are fewer exterior spaces for heat and air conditioning to escape.
  • It’s safer to keep second story windows open, often lowering energy costs while allowing fresh air in.
  • Balconies can be built on second floor master suites or bedrooms and the views are always better from higher up.  
  • If you’re health conscience, it will be easier to get your step count in with a two-story home.
  • The separation of bedrooms and living areas creates more privacy when guests are visiting. It’s also a selling point for families with teenagers.
  • Small lots have less of a problem accommodating a two-story home.


It’s important to find a builder who will design your custom home to your specifications. Our team is happy to help guide the way on your building journey. Call us today!