top 5 reasons to build a new home

Newly built homes offer more perks than ever before. Here’s Turnkey Homes top 5 reasons to build a new home.

  1. 100% Customizable. If you’re considering building a new home, it’s probably safe to assume that you’ve toured – whether online or in person – existing homes for sale in your area.  It’s also probably safe to assume that you didn’t find the perfect home. Sure, some may have checked off a few of the “must-haves” on your wish list, but there was also something you just didn’t care for – like a beautiful master suite with a tiny closet or original crown molding covered in layers of paint.  We get it, meeting your exact needs and wants can be extremely difficult when buying an existing home. Designing a custom home gives you the power to create your dream home.
  2. Money. Buying any home comes with a high price tag, but existing homes have a lot of hidden price tags. Building a new, comparable home, can save you roughly 25% – just from the beginning. When you add in the money you will be saving in energy bills and home maintenance, that number skyrockets. Every part of your new, custom home is new. New equals warranties. Whether we’re talking about manufacturer warranties for appliances, or even building materials, it likely won’t affect your pocketbook if something breaks. 

  3. Community Growth. Ask any realtor, location is the number one factor in determining a home’s value. When building a new home, you have the freedom to hand pick the perfect location. In addition to helping build and beautify a community, you are contributing to the economic growth of that neighborhood. Local craftsman, contractors, and even city employees will benefit from your new home project. Not only are you creating jobs and keeping people employed, you are allowing them to earn – and spend – money in your community.

  4. Better Construction.  Existing homes are “what you see is what you get” homes. Not only do you know nothing about the contractors who have built or worked on the home in the past, but you will have very little information about the exact products used in that home. Building a custom home gives you unlimited options. Not only can you choose the best builder for you, you can choose the best materials for your home. The combination of skilled craftsmen and quality products will give your new home a distinction existing homes simply lack.  Because builders involve you in the build process every step of the way, you can ensure the workmanship of your home every step of the way.

  5. Future Proofing. Starter homes are becoming a thing of the past. Gone are the days of purchasing a home, outgrowing it as your family expands, and buying a larger home. As the younger generations start becoming homeowners, there is a new emphasis on future-proof homes. Building a custom home allows you to plan ahead, keeping in mind what your home needs are now, and in the future. Designing your future-proof home doesn’t only mean planning enough space for the three children you plan on having in ten years – it takes in to account new home technology, making eco-friendly changes and considering accessible living areas as you age.

If you’re still looking for more reasons to build a new home, we’d be happy to help! Give us a call at 920-470-4315!