Fall homebuilder

You’ve done your homework. You’ve qualified for financing. You’ve researched your new home builder. You’ve found the perfect lot, in the best school district, in the coziest neighborhood, in the nicest town. Everything has fallen into place – except one thing…It’s fall. The leaves are starting to change colors, and you are blue because you simply can’t imagine waiting MONTHS to be able to make your dream home a reality.

Don’t give up just yet. At Turnkey Homes, we have the answers for you. And it turns out, Fall may actually be the perfect time of year to break ground on your new home.

 Top 8 reasons to start building your dream home now

1. Earthy soil. Excavating in fall provide homebuilders with dry weather and soil. The cool temperatures are ideal for digging and shaping the foundation of a new home. Digging while the soil is dry, allows you to remove more roots and weeds that could lead to future problems for your foundation.

2. Short lines. Any contractor will tell you, pulling permits in the summer can be a time-consuming process. Everyone is in a rush to get their projects done in our few short months of Summer, causing long lines for our government agencies. Cooler weather means faster service.

3. Job security. By starting your home building project in fall, you are ensuring months’ worth of work for your contractors and subcontractors. In addition to providing a solid stream of work, scheduling will be much easier. Being less busy means there is a much better chance of everyone being able to fit things into your schedule.

4. Discounts and deals. As we mentioned, contractors are in less demand in Fall and therefore are more likely to offer you a better price to secure the work. Competition to secure fall work is fierce, making it a consumer market.

5. Fast forward. Building during the offseason can mean your home is completed more quickly. Timelines are easier to follow, and schedules are generally easier to keep. The exception to this would be excessive rain…which leads us to… New home built by Turnkey Homes LLC

6. Snow. Snow is no problem. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Fall in Wisconsin means snow, and sometimes a lot of it. Though having snow on the ground can be an annoyance for some contractors, it is still possible to work in it. Snow tends to insulate well, keeping the ground warmer.

7. Falling lumber. Lumber prices soar drastically from Spring into Summer and fall quickly afterward. Fall is a buyer’s market for wood and other building materials.

8. Springing home. Most homebuilding timelines suggest that if you begin your new home construction in Fall, you will likely be settling into your house in Spring. Perfect timing to start any landscaping projects you may have.

For more information or to get started on your new home, contact Turnkey Homes LLC at 920-470-4315 with any questions regarding custom home building or home remodeling. We’d love to help!