It’s the holiday season! Hoop-de-do and dickory dock, it’s almost time to hang up your sock! We hope you are as excited as we are at Turnkey Homes to celebrate the end-of-the-year holidays.

At Turnkey Homes, we wish you a wonderful holiday season! In this month’s edition of our blog, we offer up a few ideas to create some fun and memorable December holiday traditions for your family. As children grow up and your family looks back on their time together during the holidays, we hope it will be filled with special memories.

The Tradition of the Tree

If you love to put up a real Christmas tree in your home, Wisconsin is the place to live! There are over 1300 Christmas tree farms in Wisconsin. A few types of trees grown in Wisconsin are Fir (Balsam, Fraser, and Canaan), and Pine (Scotch and White). Create a family tradition of choosing the tree together every year. Ways to make this unique to your family include designating the same day every year, whether it is the day after Thanksgiving, December 1st, or even Christmas Eve. You could also commit to selecting the same breed of tree each year so that the smell of the tree in the house every year becomes a memory. Place the tree in the same location every year so that this picture is in everyone’s mind whenever they think of the Christmas tree.

Decorating Traditions

When it’s time to decorate the tree or the house, this is an opportunity to create more family traditions. Make the task more than just a family participation project, but rather a special event that happens every year once the tree is selected and put into its special place in the home. Create a music playlist of everyone’s favorite songs to play while decorating the tree. Put together an assortment of holiday treats to snack on, including one special request from each family member.

As each tree ornament or home decoration is pulled out of the box, let someone share a story or memory about that item, whether it was made by one of the children when they were little or received as a gift from a friend. Even if everyone has heard the story many times, allow it to be shared so it will always be remembered when the item is pulled from the box each year.

Gift Giving Traditions

While the act of giving gifts is a tradition in and of itself, other creative ideas could be added to the event to create extra excitement. Designate one ornament to adorn a wrapped gift, and each year a different family member will be the recipient of this special ornament. It must then be passed on to another family member the following year. No one knows who the next recipient of the ornament will be each year. And if your family loves humor a little more than sentimentality, wrap up an odd, comical, or hideous item that then gets passed to a different family member each year. It can be wrapped in such a way that the receiver has no idea that the item is in the package. Just be sure to still give a traditional and desirable gift to that person so that they are not stuck solely with the “white elephant” gift.

Turnkey Homes LLC

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