It’s almost turkey time! The annual Thanksgiving holiday meal is a special time to gather with family around the table in your Turnkey Home. We hope you are as excited as we are at Turnkey Homes to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. 

At Turnkey Homes, we are so thankful for our customers this past year who have trusted us to build their custom dream home or remodel their current home. As you settle into your newly built, or newly remodeled Turnkey home, we offer up a few ideas to create some fun and memorable Thanksgiving holiday traditions for your family. When the children are grown up and look back on their time in your home, we hope it will be filled with wonderful memories of this special day.

Traditions of the Meal

It’s exciting to think about the delicious and decadent food we will soon consume. For the meal itself, invite family members to each request one favorite dish to be served. If many people are attending this year’s meal, use some requests to cover the drinks, appetizers, and snacks to be enjoyed during the day or the whole weekend. The requested dish should be truly treasured by that person and then be remembered as a special food whenever they think about Thanksgiving with the family.

Traditions of the Tasks

Table decorations can take on a family tradition as well. Using the same centerpiece or collection of dishes every year can create a sense of family identity. If the family is willing to pitch in and help with the preparations, let everyone choose the task for which they feel most equipped to handle, whether that is setting the table, carving the turkey, cooking, or cleaning up. Having a sense of ownership over a task of the holiday and pride in its execution will help each family member feel included. The goal is to create fond memories of these precious times together.

Traditions of Thankfulness

As the holiday is all about showing thankfulness, designate time for sharing. Give time for each person to share something that happened during the year for which he or she is thankful. This special time could take place during mealtime, or even afterward when everyone is more relaxed after a heavy meal. Sharing things for which we are grateful can help everyone connect with each other and create a positive and peaceful spirit of thankfulness. And if your family practices a religious faith, remember to take time to say a prayer of thanks together.

Traditions of Togetherness

There are unlimited ways of creating traditions in your family, whether you create them new or continue ones passed down through generations. One final idea we offer is to spend time together playing, laughing, and having fun. Whether your family chooses board games, charades, video games, or a competitive game of football in the yard, cherish this time of play and bonding together. Laughter and fun will add more special memories for each person gathered in your home that day.

Turnkey Homes, LLC

Turnkey Homes, LLC is thankful for each of our customers! We love holidays, and we hope that the ideas in this article inspire you to create new and fun family traditions. Check out our blog for other helpful articles posted each month.

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