There is an interesting new idea and an upcoming trend in custom home building and it’s worth your time to take a look. It’s building a custom home specifically to address the possibility of aging in place. What this means is that as you grow older, your home should be functional and accessible in all areas so that you can continue to live comfortably and safely in your Wisconsin home. This concept means far more than installing hand bars in the shower.

Even just 50 years ago, many senior adults lived in their homes until they passed away. While there were nursing homes for those who needed constant care, there were no assisted living facilities or retirement communities. And the senior care homes that did exist were not as plentiful as they are today, especially in larger cities. Many senior adults prefer to live independently in their own homes that they have spent their lives investing in. Their personal home is where everything is familiar and comfortable. But what happens when there is a medical challenge such as a knee replacement or a broken hip?

By the time you recognize that your home needs some modifications for it to be functional as you grow older, it may be too late to undertake remodeling projects. You may not be in a financial position to afford the construction, or not physically well enough to endure the disruptive process of remodeling.

The concept of aging in place is now making a breakthrough into custom home building. Older adults who are currently building a custom home are taking into consideration how long they plan to live there. To extend the possibility of living in the home to the end of life, here are just a few of the changes in the design of these new “aging in place” homes.

  • Ranch-style one-story homes with no change in elevation between rooms
  • Wider doors that can accommodate wheelchairs
  • Flush exterior door entrances from the front door, patio, and garage
  • Wider spaces to allow plenty of room for movement through the house
  • Walk-in shower with a flush entrance so there is no threshold to step over
  • Walk-in tubs with a door that opens to step into the tub and seals completely to keep water in

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