Happy Holidays! It is time to pull out your holiday decorations and dress up your Turnkey Home. We are
so thankful for our customers who have trusted us to build their custom dream home or remodel their
current home. Here are a few ideas for the season that we hope will make celebrating the holidays in
your home even more special.

Choosing the Perfect Tree

If you love to put up a real Christmas tree in your home, Wisconsin is the place to live! There are over
1300 Christmas tree farms in Wisconsin. A few types of trees grown in Wisconsin are Fir (Balsam, Fraser,
and Canaan), and Pine (Scotch and White).

Fir Trees – Strong Scent and Sturdy Branches

Fir trees have a conical shape, green leaves, wonderful smell, and do not shed a lot of needles as they
dry out. The Balsam Fir has flat, needle-like dense leaves that are dark green with hints of silvery white.
The Fraser Fir has branches that angle slightly upward and its needle-like leaves are yellowish green. The
Balsam and Fraser have a strong, spicy smell that is commonly thought of as the scent of the holidays.
The fragrance of the Canaan Fir is softer and has flat, rich green, needle-like leaves. All three fir trees
have strong branches for decorating. The Fraser has the sturdiest branches, making it ideal for
supporting heavy ornaments.

Pine Trees – Ornate or Minimalistic Decorations

Pine trees have a fresh smell and softer fragrance than fir trees. The Scotch Pine has sturdy branches
that will support plenty of lights and decorations. It has a medium fragrance and does not shed much.
The color of the needles ranges from blue-green to dark green. The White Pine has needles that grow in
bundles and are a light, blue-green color. Although the White Pine does not shed much, the branches
are not strong enough for heavy ornaments or large decorations. So, if you prefer to decorate in a
minimalistic style, this tree may be a nice choice for your home.

Artificial Options

If you decorate using an artificial tree, there are several great ways to fill your home with the scent of
natural trees. Burn candles with holiday scents such as pine, cinnamon, and peppermint. Spray rooms
with an air freshener of your favorite holiday scent. Fill a dish with potpourri to create a festive smell in
your home.

Safety Precautions

A few safety reminders are always helpful for this time of year. A decorated holiday tree inside the
home is beautiful but also a fire hazard. Keep the tree watered to help prevent the needles from drying
out and falling off. When putting up your tree, real or artificial, keep it several feet away from the
fireplace. Maintain a screen in front of your fireplace to prevent sparks from popping wood from landing
on tree skirts, wrapped presents, or tree branches. Never place a space heater near a tree. Purchase a
fire extinguisher, learn how to use it, and keep it easily accessible.

Pets, especially cats, love shiny glass ornaments. Their curiosity can result in anything from a small mess
of a shattered glass ornament to the entire tree toppling over. Excited dogs can trip over extension
cords for lights and take down a tree. These concerns may require that you monitor your pets when
they are in the room with the tree, or even make the area inaccessible to them. Decorate and arrange the tree and its accessories in a manner that is mindful of your pets. Consider decorating with plastic ornaments that will not break if they hit the floor. Lastly, always be attentive to your pets around lit candles, and make sure that potpourri is not toxic to pets if its smell entices them to taste it.

Turnkey Homes LLC

We hope you found the suggestions in this article helpful as you decorate your Turnkey Home to
celebrate this wonderful season. Check out our blog for other helpful articles posted each month.
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