Painting the interior of your house is an easy way to bring new excitement to your home. A professional paint job in the current colors and style can bring the interior décor of your home up to date and make it feel fresh and current. Through the process of interior painting, there will be many decisions to make. 

In our prior blogs, we provided tips on planning out the interior painting of your home and paint color selection. In this article of our multi-part series, we offer some insight into paint quality and sheen. Understanding quality and sheen will be important when you are ready to purchase the paint.

Paint Quality Matters

Paint choice is not only about color. It’s also about quality. It seems contrary, but cheap paint may actually cost you more money. One coat of cheap paint may not cover the wall well enough, requiring you to use more paint. Less expensive paint may also require a primer to help it apply well and give a smooth finish. High-quality paint can have the primer already in it, and often one coat of paint will be all you need. At the most, you may need to review your work and spot paint with a brush in a few areas where the paint roller was not fully effective. These advantages make high-quality paint well worth the extra money. Ask your professional painter for recommendations on high-quality paint brands that are worth the extra money.

Paint Sheen

Paint comes in multiple types of sheen: Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and High-Gloss. The word sheen simply means the shine or glow of the paint. The sheen spectrum runs from no shine to very shiny. Each sheen also has a different level of durability and is typically used in specific rooms. Your paint store can provide you with a guide to the sheens and a chart showing recommendations for each one. There are also swatches from paint brands showing how each sheen will look on the walls so you can visibly see the degree of the shine of the paint. Here’s a quick summary to give you a head start on deciding which one you need.

Flat is a soft matte finish that can hide surface imperfections. However, Flat is porous and can easily absorb stains and damage, making it difficult to clean. Flat is most used for ceilings, bedrooms, and dining rooms. 

Satin has a slight gloss finish that adds a rich look to the paint color. It has the great benefit of washability if it is scuffed, allowing you to keep your walls looking beautiful without having to retouch the paint. Satin is a great choice for almost every room of the house. 

Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss have a shiny finish and strong durability. Because they are stain-resistant and easy to clean, they are the best choice for the kitchen, trim, and doors. 

Turnkey Homes LLC

We hope you found the suggestions in this article helpful as you select paint for your home. Be sure to read our prior articles about the planning stage and color selection, which will help you get started on the process. Look for our next blog coming soon as we conclude our series about interior painting. We will give some helpful information about prepping the home before painting.

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