Interior paint color trends change every so often and a house that has a trend from the past can easily look dated and old. But a new coat of paint is a quick and easy way to give the inside of your home an update. A change of color and design can change the look of a home. It can even change how you feel about your house! In our last blog, we shared some helpful tips for the planning stage of painting the interior of your home. In this second article of our multi-part series, here are some tips on selecting paint colors for the interior of your home.

Colorful Inspiration

Let’s talk about making color choices! One of the key decisions you will make in the interior painting process is color. You will need to pick the primary color of the walls and likely a different accent color for the doors and trim. Consider what colors would best complement the style and structure of your home and your current décor. If you desire to update your home’s style to the most popular color trends, look for articles and photos online and in magazines. Watch remodeling shows on TV or streaming that showcase the current color trends. Paint stores are stocked with catalogs and brochures specifically designed to inspire color and design choices, both trendy and traditional.

Look at the structure of your walls and consider if painting an accent wall or border might give the room an eye-catching feature. You could even paint different rooms slightly different shades of the same color. For example, the bedroom could be a darker and warmer shade, while the kitchen or living room is a lighter shade. Again, search online, watch shows, and review catalogs and brochures at the paint store to find ideas or ask your painter for suggestions. A professional painter should have enough experience to know what special features in your home will make the new paint job look outstanding. When the painter comes to your home to quote the project, this is the time to ask for advice and suggestions.

Collecting Colors

Now that you have some ideas of the colors you might like, it’s time to collect color swatches from the paint store. If you know exactly which brand of paint you plan to purchase, look specifically for its display of paint swatches. Although a paint store may be able to match a color swatch of any brand you present to them, having the exact code for the brand of paint you are purchasing is the best way to ensure you get the correct color. Collect all the swatches of colors and slight variations that interest you and take them home to view them against the walls.

Place the swatches in various locations of the room to see how they look in different lighting conditions. Some color shades appear differently around the house depending on lighting, whether that’s natural light or lamps. When you have narrowed your choices to approximately five or fewer colors, return to the paint store and purchase sample-size paint cans along with a few brushes. Paint a small swatch of each color choice side by side onto the walls to compare colors. You may want to paint in more than one location to see how the light affects the appearance of the colors.

Color Commitment

Finally, remember that you are not stuck with your color choice. Even when you begin the full painting stage, it’s not too late to make changes. If you do not love the color after painting one wall or section, it is acceptable to stop. It is not too late to change your mind and go with another color, and your painter should be willing to let you make that change. Otherwise, every day you may have to look at a color you regret choosing. Sometimes it is even possible for the paint store to adjust the color you purchased. For example, grey paint with a blue tint can be adjusted to a warmer hue by adding different colors to the mix. If you find yourself in this situation, you just need to ask the paint store to determine what is possible so that you don’t have to purchase all new paint.

Turnkey Homes LLC

We hope you found the suggestions in this article helpful as you select paint colors for your home. Be sure to read our prior article about the planning stage, which will help you get started on the process. Look for our next blog coming soon as we continue our series about interior painting. We will give some helpful information about paint sheen and prepping the home for painting.

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