A quick and easy way to give the inside of your home an update is a new coat of paint. A change of color and design can change the entire mood and look of a home. It can take the house from looking old and run down to upscale and elegant. Over time, our walls and doors take a beating. We bump into them and cause marks and scratches. Children and pets can put smudges on walls, and even doors get stained from being touched every day. But a new coat of paint can take away years of wear and tear that has been placed upon the walls of a well lived-in-home. In the first of our multi-part series, here are some tips on planning for painting the interior of your home.

DIY or Professional

Your first decision is to determine who will do the work. Will you do everything yourself, or will you hire a professional? If you have the time, physical ability, and know-how, doing the work yourself will save you the labor expense of the project. And if you enjoy painting, this may be a project you are excited to take on yourself. But if you must take unpaid time off from work to do the project, do some calculations to determine if you will come out ahead or behind financially. 

An experienced professional is a guaranteed way to achieve quality workmanship with long-lasting results. Ask friends and family for recommendations and ask to see pictures of the work done. Search out local contractors who should have a list of painters that they regularly use on their jobs. Search online for local painters and ask the manager at the paint store for a recommendation. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and information about their licensing and insurance. This person will be working in your home and on ladders.

Selecting a Professional Painter

Here are a few things to note when choosing a painter. A professional painter should be willing to come to your home to inspect the work he/she will be doing and to provide an estimate. Contractors often have access to discounts at paint stores, so purchasing the paint through them may be cheaper than buying it retail. The person you choose should be able to meet your time schedule and budget. If they cannot meet your needs, move on to the next person or company until you find the right match.

Planning Your Schedule

Plan to block out time on your schedule, and the schedule of everyone else living in the house. Painting the interior of a home will disrupt your daily life. Be prepared to dedicate time, even if you are not the one doing the painting. This project may require some time off from work and other activities. You may need to be available to move furniture, make decisions, and manage the pets and people moving through the house while the work is being done.

Turnkey Homes LLC

We hope you found the suggestions in this first part helpful as you begin the planning process for painting your home. Look for our next blog articles coming soon as we continue our series about interior painting. We will give some helpful information about selecting paint and prepping the home before painting.

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