It’s a new year! Are you looking around your home and wanting to make a change? A new paint color is a simple way to transform a room. And some of the most popular colors of 2022 are all about bringing natural calm tones into your home. 

Bring the Green

Muted greens and natural pastels seem to be a theme across different paint brands. Many designers are choosing greens because no other color evokes images of nature and optimism quite like green does. After living through a pandemic, many designers are exchanging neutral gray palettes for colors that represent regrowth and nature’s resilience. Most of all, we are looking for colors that soothe.

Behr’s color of the year, Breezeway, is a soft, refreshing silvery blue shade of green. Reminiscent of sea glass, it evokes a feeling of tranquility while also inspiring a lively sense of renewal. It is highly versatile. By pairing it with different colors you can change the mood of any room. Give it a contemporary contrast by accenting it with bright white and jet black. If you want peaceful and soothing, then pair it with soft creams and warm taupe. Breezeway can work equally well in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas. 

Adding more gray to the green tones, Benjamin Moore’s color of the year, October Mist, is a gentle shaded sage green. Like the silver-green stem of a flower, this color pairs well with many natural tones. Similarly, PPG’s color of the year, Olive Sprig is a neutral, lush organic green. Taking this green-meets-gray color to a darker hue, Sherwin Williams offers Evergreen Fog as their color of the year. It is versatile and calming, simple and sophisticated.

These colors are perfect for any interior space and pair well with natural wood tones and warm tans, beiges and browns, and even soft rose tones. They blend with natural materials and textures such as leather upholstery, woven jute rugs, and wood furniture. Use these colors to promote restfulness in a bedroom, give a bathroom a soothing feel, or help you focus in an office. 

Glidden adds some zing to the green trend by brightening it up for their color of the year, Guacamole. This ripe avocado green is relaxing and refreshing. Guacamole works in kitchens and bathrooms, paired with classic white subway tile and matte black accents for a timeless mix. In living areas, home offices, and bedrooms, pair it with tans, beiges, and light wood tones, to instill a calm mood.

More Calming Color Trends

But the soothing feelings we are seeking can come from other colors besides green. In fact, Valspar didn’t pick a single color, they chose a color palette for their colors of the year. Their trendy yet timeless colors bring a calm presence into your home through warm neutrals, dusty pastels, and soothing blues and greens.

Warm or vintage whites have a comforting and calming effect as well. These creamy hues are neither bright white nor beige, but something in between. They go well with any kind of décor in every room.

If muted pastels and creamy whites aren’t for you, then maybe you are looking for a darker trend. Cozy brown grays and muddled jewels tones offer a calm and grounded steadiness. Of course, these are especially good in bedrooms and offices, but they can work surprisingly well in entryways and even kitchens when paired with other colors and accents. 

More Than Just Paint

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