It’s the American dream to own a home, and Turnkey Homes LLC is honored to help families achieve that goal every year. The month of June has been designated as National Home Ownership Month to celebrate the homeownership dream and pay honor to the organizations and industry partners that help first-time homebuyers. It began in 1995 as a strategy of President William Clinton’s administration to increase homeownership across the nation. In 2002, President George W. Bush expanded the observance to the entire month of June.

Now that you own a home and face the responsibility of maintaining it, one specific day in June will help remind you to service a crucial piece of equipment – the HVAC. June 22 is designated National HVAC Tech Day to recognize the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians who keep our homes comfortable. These HVAC technicians work through sweltering heat and freezing cold to restore our comfort.

As we head into summer, your air conditioner will be working at full capacity. If you have experienced the misery of a broken air conditioner or furnace during extreme temperatures, you understand the importance of keeping the system in good repair. Regular maintenance by an HVAC technician will keep your system running at peak efficiency and extend the life of this expensive investment. In addition, an HVAC unit in good condition will conserve energy and save you money every month.

One simple step you can do every month is replace the air filter. A clean filter will allow air to pass through without resistance, preventing unnecessary strain on the HVAC unit. But even if you regularly change the air filter, a certified technician should inspect and clean the system to keep it in top condition. Maintenance tune-ups on HVAC systems should be done at least once per year. Some technicians recommend service twice per year – the air conditioner in the spring and the furnace in the fall – to prepare the HVAC for the summer and winter seasons.

A standard HVAC tune-up will include inspection, cleaning, and service. If problems are detected during inspection, the service portion may include repairs such as replacing worn-out parts. The technician should clean the drains, measure refrigerant levels, test the compressor, and inspect all other components for wear or damage. Some parts, such as capacitors and fan blades, may be replaced to improve the efficiency of the unit.

HVAC systems can last 15 to 25 years. Performing seasonal maintenance tune-ups can help an HVAC system reach its full life potential and avoid serious problems that translate into costly repairs. If you need to replace your existing unit, an HVAC expert can help you choose the right equipment for your home.

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