You love your home but have concluded that it is just too small or not quite meeting your current needs. Do you remodel, or do you sell and search for something else? If you love your home and its location, but a remodel will not effectively bring the change you need, there is another option. Consider building a home addition. An addition to a home is a brand-new space constructed onto the existing building. It often results in expanding the original footprint of the house. It may be built onto the side of the house or as an added floor. Since it is “added” onto the existing house instead of being a separate building on the property, it is usually part of the home’s main living area.

An addition is a rewarding investment, not only by increasing your home’s monetary value but also because it allows you to add your own creativity into its design. You can enhance or even change a house’s character while creating the space that it is not currently providing. Here are some things to consider about building an addition to your home.

First, carefully consider why you want more space in your home and specifically what space is needed. While an extra bedroom may seem like the first response, other areas could be expanded that bring greater benefit to everyone. For example, a second family room that is large and open can provide a multi-functional, convertible space for things such as schoolwork, gathering with friends, or a workroom. If your laundry chores are migrating into the living room or hallways, a dedicated laundry room would be a solution to this problem. An enclosed sunroom, outside deck, or covered porch could provide the additional family room space you need. An expansion to the kitchen might bring greater function and pleasure for cooking and hosting guests. And when property lines and code restrictions prevent the home’s footprint from expanding outward, consider building upward with a second or third-floor addition. There are many different options to consider that can create the space you need in your home.

Of course, you should have a budget in mind for the total you will want to spend. Still, it isn’t easy to know the actual cost of such a large project until a design and construction plan is created. Now is the time to contact a professional contractor who has experience specifically in home additions. 

A contractor will consider the style of your home, whether it’s a craftsman, ranch, farmhouse, or other design. He or she can then suggest a construction plan that will incorporate the older, existing structure into the new construction. The ultimate intent is that the new total home looks like one unit and not a hodge-podge of buildings grafted together. Construction may even involve some refacing with new materials on the old structure. The result of refacing is it helps everything match between the new and older structure with the added benefit of replacing worn out, damaged, or dated materials on the home such as wood, siding, or stucco.

Once the design and construction costs are estimated, you can begin revision discussions with the contractor until it meets a dollar amount you are comfortable with that still achieves your goal. Remember that quality work performed in a timely and professional manner results in the home looking and functioning as one building unit. The cohesiveness of the new addition onto the existing house will increase both its resale value and your enjoyment while you reside in it.

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