Many people assume that the best time of year for new siding installation is during the summer. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if you’ve chosen to install vinyl siding. The experts in the industry agree that extreme temperatures (either frigid or hot and humid) negatively affect the quality of your siding project. They do agree, however, that now is the time to schedule the task – for fall. That’s right! Autumn is the best time of year for new siding in Wisconsin, and here’s why. 

Summer Siding Problems

Vinyl siding is temperamental in its reaction to heat. Because it’s a plastic product, vinyl can melt if it is exposed to high temperatures. Even if it doesn’t melt completely, the summer heat causes siding to expand and stretch a lot. This change in size leads to many issues like buckling and interference with window casings and door frames. In severe cases, if the siding is continuously exposed to high temperatures, it will eventually fall off. 

Winter Siding Issues

We’ve established that Summer does not present the optimal conditions for installing or replacing vinyl siding. Likewise, neither do the winter months. When vinyl is exposed to intense cold, the panels contract or shrink. Additionally, freezing temperatures make the vinyl siding extremely brittle, so much so that nailing it down could cause the plastic to crack. 

Spring Siding Barriers

While extreme temperatures do not present any issues for vinyl siding jobs in the springtime, moisture does. Siding contractors agree that when a job has to be stopped midway through because of spring showers, there is potential for mold growth in your sheathing and walls. 

The Best Time of Year for New Siding

Is it impossible to complete a siding project in Spring, Summer, or Winter? No. In fact, it happens all the time. Hiring an experienced siding professional minimizes the chances of damage to your siding, no matter what season they install it. However, Autumn does present as the best time of year for new siding for a few reasons. 

Most homeowners prefer to have outdoor home improvement projects completed during the summer. They tend to have more time on their hands and don’t have to worry about inclement weather. Because of this rush, those that wait until fall will likely catch the better deal. As the weather cools, construction material and labor costs decline. 

Furthermore, most home-related service companies schedule fewer projects during the fall, making it more likely that your job will receive more attention and be completed quicker. 

Don’t Wait to Schedule your Fall Siding Project

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