Decks serve fun and functional purposes. If you’re a true Wisconsinite, you’ve probably found yourself craving a burger on the grill in the middle of winter. Decks eliminate the uneven, snow-covered lawn and provide an easily-accessible, functional backyard barbecue. Our Kaukauna area home building and remodeling company knows the pros of adding a deck far outweigh the cons. And these are just the tip of the iceberg! 

Outdoor Entertainment: Decks create an extension to your indoor living space. They provide a gathering area for friends and family. Decks provide a place to store outdoor belongings, yet keep them accessible. 

Healthy Lifestyle: Studies show that households with outdoor living space tend to lead more active lifestyles than those that do not. Additionally, families with decks tend to eat healthier, homecooked meals more often, likely on the grill. 

Peace of Mind: Decks provide homeowners with a quiet escape from the hustle of everyday life. They give you a private oasis to enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning, sit and read a book in the sun, or wind down after a long day with a glass of wine while watching the sun go down. Decks are the perfect place to quiet your mind, decompress, and tackle the stress of a chaotic day – without leaving your home. 

Living Space: Adding a deck is the fastest way to increase the square footage of your living space. Home additions often take months to finish and interfere with your lifestyle. Decks keep the noise and mess outside and take little time to install. 

Increased Home Value: Professionally-installed decks almost always improve the value of your home. Decks boost the resale value of your home if you ever decide to sell, and increase the current value. The more safe, appealing, usable space a property has, the higher the property value. 

Low-Cost Upgrade: Relatively speaking, decks are inexpensive. While the cost to build a deck varies based on the type of materials you choose, and the size and style, adding this upgrade are still less expensive than updating a kitchen or bathroom.

Curb Appeal: Decks add an inviting aesthetic to your home. The visual appeal of decks transforms a plain backyard into a functional, welcoming outdoor living space. 

Low Maintenance: Decks require less work than most of the rooms inside your home. Unlike a kitchen or bathroom, this space does not need to be cleaned daily. In fact, a thorough cleaning once a year combined with routine seasonal maintenance keeps your deck in shape for years to come. 

Hire A Professional 

Building a deck is not an easy task. A professional builder takes the burden off your shoulders. They will take your vision and turn it into a functional design. They handle the behind-the-scenes work involved, from selecting quality materials to obtaining permits.

At TurnKey Homes, we have extensive knowledge of decks – including tearing down an existing, selecting the proper stains and sealants, and building custom decks. To find out more about TurnKey Homes, or to start your remodeling or deck project, contact us today!