We know you’ve spent the last few months diligently following our Home Winterization Checklist. Now that we’re into the last few weeks of winter, it’s time to say goodbye to cold weather tasks. Bring on warmer days filled with sunshine and fixing things. That’s right! Home improvement tasks are creeping upon us. But, we have the perfect spring home maintenance guide. Follow these steps over the next month. And, by the time spring arrives, you’ll be kicked back, feeling the breeze of a newly opened window. 

Spring Home Maintenance Guide


Aggressive winter weather does a number on your constantly-exposed roof. Before spring showers hit, check for damage. A small leak left untreated leads to serious mold and water damage later on. If you notice water leaking on the floor, stained ceiling tiles, or damp walls, you most likely have a roof leak. On the exterior, look for loose roofing membranes and flashing, damp or damaged insulation, missing fastener, rusted panels, and shifting shingles. 


We know what you’re thinking. Our winter checklist included cleaning the gutters, it’s true. But, this semi-annual task is a must-do. Leaves and other debris build up in your gutters all winter long. If this isn’t removed, spring rainfall backs up, causing extra weight on gutters, and potentially compromise the foundation of your home and landscaping.


Piles of leaves and mountains of snow stacked around your house hide any underlying damage. This prevents concrete cracks and foundation damage from being noticed. As warmer weather approaches, you start using your outdoor space more. Walk the perimeter of our property to look for any issues. Foundation damage needs to be professionally repaired quickly to minimize additional problems. 


After being off all winter, exterior water spouts need attention. After the last freeze, attach your hose and sprinklers. Run the water to make sure the lawn watering system is properly functioning. If not, contact an experienced plumber to inspect pipes for damage or blockages. 

Air Conditioning

Spring is the best time to clear dirt and debris from your air conditioning unit. Look for any damage caused by rodents or weather conditions. Contact an HVAC technician to assist in any necessary repairs. Clean the fans and turn the unit on to clear any lingering leaves and dust. 


Change filters in your home whenever you set the clocks for daylight savings time. This not only makes it difficult to forget but ensures a clean filter when you turn on your air or heat for the first time of the season. Air filters to be changed include dehumidifiers, purifiers, furnace, and a/c units. 

Proper home maintenance keeps your home safe and your family healthy. TurnKey Homes LLC offers a number of home building and improvement services. Your home is the biggest investment you can make in your lifetime, so you should choose a contractor who will provide you with the best rates. Time after time, TurnKey Homes has embraced the competition knowing that we can provide the best quality and craftsmanship for a very affordable price. Contact us to find out more about our roofing and siding services!