During the holidays, pet owners get an abundance of advice about keeping their animals safe. Articles appear about foods to avoid giving to pets and plants to keep out of your home. At Turnkey Homes, we know a few things about homes and year-round safety for the beloved animals that live in them. We’ve put together this list of things to consider when building a pet-friendly home. 

Four-Legged Perspective

When designing your new home, consider your pet’s view. Remember, they see from a much lower perspective than yours. What hazards do you see from the four-legged line of sight? Think of the age, personality, and needs of your pet. For example, a multi-level home would not be beneficial for an aging dog, whereas an open floorplan with a lot of space would be an active kittens paradise. 

Pet experts suggest getting on down on all fours and looking for choking, electrocution, and suffocation hazards. Think of where you want to store food, medication, and cleaning supplies in your new home. Consider all of these facts when finalizing plans for your home. 

Pet Personal Space

Pets, no matter how outgoing, still like their own private space. Designing and building a custom home allows you to carve out a personal area for your animal. Create an area free of dangers, including a bed or pillow, water source, and their favorite toys. Does your pet go outside and get dirty? If so, direct access to a mudroom will limit the mess tracked into your house. Do you have a designated space for litter boxes? Optimal cat-friendly spaces are private, but make them feel secure. And cat owners prefer a secluded area to easily hide this not-so-fresh eyesore. Built-in gates, access doors, and sliding wall panels are pet family favorites. 

Harmless Flooring

Animals exacerbate wear and tear on your flooring. When building a new home, use pet-friendly flooring that is safe for your pet and durable. Take note of the floor’s resistance to scratches (nails/claws), damage (chewing/staining), safety (slip-resistance), and overall comfort. 

Experts in the flooring industry recommend using bamboo or cork flooring. In addition to being scratch-resistant, these options contain antimicrobial material. This reduces the risk of allergen, bacteria, and mold growth. All of which affect your pet’s health. Stone tile and vinyl are durable, easy to maintain, and stain-resistant. They provide a less expensive option for pet-friendly flooring. 

Build your Pet-Friendly Home with Turnkey Homes

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