Today’s homeowner has a myriad of devices to choose from to make their home more efficient. Every family has different wants and needs for their smart home. Our goal is to help you understand smart home technology and how it will help your home and family. In this blog, we walk you through the basics of building the smart home of your dreams. 

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a connected home. Smart homes are homes equipped with electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by computer, phone, or tablet.  Smart home technology consists of integrating different devices and learning what they do and how to use them. 

Not that long ago, the thought of turning your lights on or adjusting your thermostat from a different location was absurd. But today, that’s exactly what we can do – among many others. The network of systems throughout smart homes allows homeowners to access high-tech functions to create a low-stress environment. 

Why build a smart home?

The answer is simple – convenience. Smart home automation lets you manage your home’s devices from anywhere using one interface. In theory, you don’t need to be tech-savvy. You only need to know how to operate one app. The number of appliances and devices allow you to incorporate those that help your particular lifestyle. The flexibility makes homeownership easier. 

There are numerous benefits to building a smart home in addition to convenience. Smart homes maximize surveillance and security features, keeping your family and home protected. Home automation integrates cameras, locks, and lights to your app. You monitor activity and alarms in real-time from your smart device. Setting temperature controls on the smart thermostat, turning appliances off, and timing lights provide increased energy efficiency. 

Here is a breakdown of our favorite smart devices by room:


Refrigerator – sync grocery lists, reads recipes to you, schedules meals, tells you when food is expiring, see-thru and touch screen features, maintenance reminders

Oven – set the oven to preheat, adjust the temperature, change settings including bake and broil, voice or app-controlled, connect to recipe apps


Toilet – arm-free, waterless features, automatic LED lights, self-cleaning, motion-activated lids

Accessories – warming drawers for towels, water-proof smart televisions, sensor mirrors, wi-fi connected scales, shower speakers


Mattress – sleep tracking, climate control, anti-snoring features, automatic firmness adjustment, programmable wake-up alert, relaxing scent release based on your sleep cycle

Accessories – smart lightbulbs change brightness, wireless charging nightstand

Turnkey Homes LLC

Building an integrated, smart house gives you a unique opportunity. From the ground up, your design embodies your vision for complete home automation. At Turnkey Homes LLC, we want to install features that support your lifestyle. We also anticipate your future needs. Together, we create an infrastructure that supports the latest technology and impending advances. 

Turnkey Homes LLC drafts and constructs custom homes with the features you are looking for. A home built just for you is waiting. Contact us today to start your smart home build or remodel. We offer FREE estimates and creative design services!