kitchen trends 2019

New year, new kitchen? A lot of our New Year’s resolutions revolve around one thing, and we may not even realize it. Kitchens. Whether we’re meal prepping for that healthy lifestyle change or making sure to have more family dinners, the kitchen is truly the heart of our homes. So, why not resolve to make kitchen updates and upgrade the room we all love to be in?

According to industry experts, the design focus of this year is health and well being. Homeowners are spending more time focusing on creating a stress-free environment in their home by creating an oasis of relaxation and wellness. We’ve compiled the top 5 kitchen updates of 2019.

  1. Introduce Calming Colors: Colors stimulate our brain in different ways. For instance, red increases your appetite and yellow triggers happiness. This year, we will see a lot of blue in the kitchen. Light, muted shades create a crisp, clean feeling. For those of us that are focusing on physical health, blue is said to be a natural appetite suppressant.
  2. Purchase Convenient Appliances: Bulky appliances taking over your counter top are out – and no longer an issue with the sleek designs we see now. Steamers, multi-cookers and pressure cookers are all the rage. They allow us to cook healthy meals with little prep, while avoiding extra calories.
  3. Get High Tech: The technology available today for our kitchens is remarkable. Reducing stress and saving time by using new gadgets has reached a whole new level this year. From Wi-Fi enabled food scales to magnets that create your grocery list and more, technology has really focused on creating something for everyone.  
  4. Maximize Food Storage: No, we’re not talking about using a cabinet as a pantry. Column refrigerators are making a splash in 2019 by allowing you to pair any size fridge column with any size freezer column depending on the needs of your family. Are you eating more produce this year? Add another crisper. Planning on freezing meals for the week? Add a freezer option.
  5. Mix and Match Materials: Terrazzo – widely used as flooring in government buildings is one of the hottest kitchen trends of 2019. Designers are adding a little piece of this with a little of that to create the ultimate in Zen atmospheres. It will not be uncommon to see marble, granite, copper, and gold throughout the same room.

Not sure just where to begin on your kitchen remodel or design – not a problem.  The team at Turnkey Homes can help guide you. Tell us your ideas and we will turn your dream into reality.