Decorating a home is temporary. Over the years your taste in décor changes. Something once considered trendy suddenly goes out of style. Designing a new home with a timeless design is a little more difficult to change on a whim. At Turnkey Homes, we want to build you a home with staying power – with classic elements that can last a lifetime.

Standing the test of time in an ever-changing world may seem like a daunting task. Start by considering the “non-changeable” in your home. These are more permanent fixtures like windows, doorways, fireplaces, and generally anything you’d likely have to hire a contractor or get a permit to alter.

Timeless homes utilize natural resources inside the home, as well as out – brick, wood and stone, more specifically.  While fad construction styles may be fun at the time, timeless homes remain sophisticated for a lifetime. For design ideas, refer to natural building designs – columns built by the Greeks, bucket arch buildings in China, or the cobblestone of Spain.

Functionality is key. Sensible design is imperative when designing a new home. Furniture should fit perfectly in a functional space. If a couch cannot fit through a living room entryway – you probably don’t have a timeless design. Fixtures should be high quality and while they can be unique, shouldn’t be over the top.

Symmetry, in art and architecture, creates balance. By designing the exterior of a home with symmetry, a focal point is created. With some uniformity, you are able to focus on the house as a whole – and not just an oversized window or portion of the home that “just doesn’t look right”.

Technology is a large part of many new builds.  While it’s not going away, to help maintain the quiet confidence of a timeless home, we suggest hiding it as much as possible.  Power cords, gadgets and screens shouldn’t overpower your home. You can achieve the functionality of a high-tech home, while discretely placing the products in the home.

When you think of the term classic, hot pink is generally not what comes to mind. Choose a color pallet that is meant to last – like muted or earth tones, and black and white. If you want to add some pizazz with color, do it through your changeable décor.  Adding a splash of color in a throw pillow or piece of artwork will allow you to add a personal touch and keep the elegant integrity of your classic home.

For more design options or to view our gallery, please visit our website. Turnkey Homes has the perfect design waiting for you!