In the day and age of man caves and game rooms, we see this scenario quite often:

After months of design decisions on lighting, cabinetry, color schemes and more, it’s finally here – Move-in day! The boxes are ready to be unpacked in your immaculate new home.  Friends and family arrive to help unload and you can’t wait to give the grand tour.  You proudly show off the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms…and then it happens.  Someone says, “What’s in here?”  You respond, “Oh, that’s just the basement.” And it dawns on you – why didn’t you have your builder finish your basement?

Finished Basements: Why You Should Finish Yours

      • NOISE and MESS: You’ve moved in and are all settled. Your new home is perfectly cozy.  Why on earth would you want to spend weeks listening to hammers and saws and wiping the dust covering everything you just cleaned? Rather than extending the amount of time you must deal with contractors, we suggest allowing your builder to finish your basement before moving in.  For many people, the convenience of having every room, and the basement, move in ready is one of the biggest selling points in a new construction home.
      • DESIGN and STORAGE: The best part of designing a finished basement is knowing you will have a specific place for specific items. Where will you store your 17 boxes of holiday decorations? Design a storage room.  Where will the tools go?  Build in a custom workroom.  Where will you sneak away to relax?  Install a bar – or wine cellar!  Instead of leaving your contractors with a rough outline of where plumbing may be used down the road, or chance them putting your furnace in a place you had hoped to use for a game room, you take control of the plan early on and leave no room for design issues later.
      •  COST and SAVING: You may be thinking that finishing your basement will cost you the same amount whether you do it now or four years from now.  You’re mistaken. The fact of the matter is that the same crew you have building your home now will gladly come back in a few years, however they will not likely be issuing any discount simply because they worked on your home before.  The contractors, electricians, HVAC technicians, drywallers, and painters all expect to be compensated for their work.  However, if these crews happen to already be working in your home and are already likely making a profit on the job, they may be more inclined to give you a better rate on finishing your custom basement.

    Ultimately, the decision on whether to finish your basement during construction should be based on what works best for your family.  If you have basement construction design questions or have an existing basement that needs a remodel, contact Turn Key Homes.  We’d be glad to help!